Attending a Drupal 7 Session – Multisite

FOSDEM  entrance After having discussed a bit about TRIM with Marc Laporte yesterday evening, I was curious to see how Drupal handled the multi-site management. Emma Jane Hogbin is going to tell us more 🙂 BTW, she's working on a book about Drupal Front End theming. Interesting concerns: - why to use it and which clients are best suited to use these features. Goal: make technology more accessible for clients. "The 100 Mile Client Roster" : 10K a year. Motto: "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" Reduce: Security updates Reuse: Downloaded themes Documentation Answer questions once "Drupal night" Invoice less frequently for larger amounts Assumptions: * low traffic sites and unique content per domain name. Common functionality. Brochureware. Editable themes. Overnight, little work are key objectives. has the technical details. Lots of sharing: shared code base, IP, modules directory segregated databases all common modules shall go into /sites/all/modules Google Analytics and google account created for clients so that they can access stats (when they do realize they want them, maybe months later when they do realize it exists !). Drupal has a sexy installer, that's a fact. Presentations are here: irc: emmajane mail: A dynamic talk but not too deep on tech. General impression: Drupal can work for lots of small sites. Q&A touches on backup (Emma Jane uses the backup module). Weekly backups. The backup module can be automated through cron. People usually forget their password. Having a feeling of control over their site leads users to commit more money for larger projects.